Odebrecht signed a leniency agreement with the Federal Prosecution Office and the Office of the Attorney General of Peru, on Saturday, December 8. The agreement is the most important milestone in a comprehensive and in-depth process of collaboration with authorities of the country, which began exactly two years ago. In the process, the company acknowledged responsibility, apologized to society and agreed to redress the civil injury caused.

To Odebrecht, the agreement, which was entered into under the legislation in force since March 12, 2018 in Peru, symbolizes a new moment in which the Peruvian justice system, companies and state-owned organizations now have a model aligned with best international collaboration and leniency practices that already has improved relations between the public and private sectors in other countries.

In the specific case of the ongoing investigations in Peru, in which Odebrecht and its former executives in the country have been collaborating, the agreement also ensures the legal security of the investigation conducted to date, as well as ongoing support to prosecutors and to society.

Odebrecht reiterates its commitment to honoring the payment of Civil Redress under the terms agreed with the Office of the Attorney General of Peru and the responsibilities undertaken with its workers, suppliers and creditors in connection with its construction projects and investments in the country.

Odebrecht underwent a restructuring process and the implementation of a rigorous compliance system in its global operations. The company now seeks its sustainable growth by participating, with integrity, ethics and transparency, in projects that contribute to the social and economic development of the countries where it operates. Since 2016, Odebrecht has been reinforcing measures to improve its management in terms of Compliance and Governance. It has included independent members on its Board of Directors, outsourced its Ethics Line whistleblowing channel, reinforced internal controls and adopted a comprehensive anti-corruption training program. See the main accomplishments in the Timeline.

The company also signed leniency agreements with authorities from Brazil and seven other countries, namely the United States, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador and Guatemala, and has been negotiating agreements in other markets where it operates.

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