Last December, Odebrecht signed an agreement to collaborate with Brazilian, U.S. and Swiss authorities and publicly apologized for wrongdoings committed in the past. The agreement arose from the decision, as outlined in the public notice “Commitment to Brazil,” to collaborate definitively with the investigations under Operation Car Wash.

On the same day on which we signed the Leniency Agreement, which is a legal instrument used in countries like the United States to punish companies for their wrongdoings or crimes, but that also gives them an opportunity to recover, we launched the website Our Commitment to report to society on the progress and transformations occurring at the Group.

Since last year, we have strengthened our Governance and Compliance practices, which are now aligned with the highest standards, to regain society’s trust in the Group. This process included the inclusion of independent members on the Boards of Directors of the Holding Company and of all the Businesses, the approval of a robust Compliance System, the creation of the Global Advisory Council and the oversight activities conducted by external monitors as part of the Leniency Agreement, among other important initiatives. You can learn more about the important milestones in our Integrity Journey.

Now, on December 1, 2017, we are re-launching the Our Commitment website to continue providing an account to society and to create a space for sharing the lessons we have learned, contributing in a transparent way to discussions related to sustainable ways of doing business, which is in keeping with this new era at Odebrecht.
The new format of the Our Commitment website brings news, interviews and articles by executives and experts on topics such as governance, compliance, business sustainability, reputation and people management. We have learned much and are ready to continue moving forward transparently in this new cycle supported by the solid foundations laid over the past year.

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