São Paulo – After signing two preparatory agreements in recent years, Odebrecht and the Peruvian Government formalized on February 15 the final agreement that establishes the foundation for the continuity of the company’s cooperation with the country’s justice system. For the Odebrecht Group this is another important milestone within a broad process of collaboration with the authorities of several countries, which has already brought effective results, helping to foster structural advances in the relationship between private and public initiative.

Peru is the eighth country with which Odebrecht reaches an agreement. The group includes Brazil, the United States, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador and Guatemala. The company will continue to seek understandings of this nature with other countries where it operates, to have more legal security for its operation and for the commitment to support research and act as an agent of transformation, a decision in line with the thorough restructuring carried out in its governance and implementation of a rigorous global compliance system.

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