Odebrecht S.A., the holding company of the Odebrecht Group, launched in December an internal anticorruption campaign. The campaign will emphasize to team members the importance of adopting integrity in all their attitudes and includes an online anticorruption training course that must be completed by 100% of the employees of Odebrecht S.A. by January 2019.

In the Odebrecht Commitment published in 2016, the Group and its team members undertook responsibility for combating and not tolerating any form of corruption, and for firmly and resolutely saying no to any business opportunities in conflict with this ideal. The online training program is a way to ensure that all team members of Odebrecht S.A. are adequately prepared to maintain ethical business relationships and to contribute to changes in markets and business environments that harbor inducements for wrongdoing.

About the training course

The online anticorruption training course presents an overview of the global anticorruption scenario and then concentrates on the main characteristics of global anti-bribery laws. Through interactive exercises, team members explore the practices recommended for combatting bribery and for acting ethically in any business environment in Brazil and abroad.

This is the third online training module on compliance topics to be administered to all team members of Odebrecht S.A. The other two modules covered the Policy on Compliance with Ethics, Integrity and Transparency and the specific topic of conflicts of interest.

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