In a survey conducted of compliance professionals in Brazil, Olga Pontes, CCO of Odebrecht S.A., Everson Bassinello, CCO of Braskem, and Nir Lander, CCO of Ocyan, figured among the country’s 20 most admired professionals in the field.

Pesquisa entre profissionais de compliance elege três executivos da Odebrecht entre os mais admirados da área 1

The survey was conducted by LEC Legal, Ethics & Compliance and VITTORE Partners, which for the first time published the Compliance on Top survey. The material was used to compile a compliance yearbook that maps the compliance professionals currently working in the country.

More than 300 professionals were interviewed between September and November of 2018. The 50 questions covered details related to respondents’ academic background, company profile and structure, work routine and daily challenges. The participants were asked to name up to three leading compliance professionals at companies who were most admired for their performance and accomplishments. The 20 most cited executives were highlighted in the yearbook and received awards at a ceremony held in São Paulo.

Among the most admired professionals, the survey showed that practically all of them at some point underwent the experience of implementing, from scratch, a compliance program in their respective areas. They were recognized for their leadership at the companies and for their contributions to advancing the profession.

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