Sérgio Foguel
Sérgio Foguel

Throughout history, whenever a crisis puts institutions, the political class and major corporations in check, organized society almost intuitively searches for solutions to avoid any kind of inaction. One example of this are the so-called islands of integrity, which, in general terms, are collective actions taken by a specific sector or entity, before any law or public policy is passed, to improve the issue that triggered the crisis.

The challenge of competing with integrity in institutional environments that are not fully prepared and are still vulnerable to corruption, in a scenario of transparency and accelerated changes, is a global experience and urgently needs islands of integrity. In this scenario, sharing and seeking references in economic sectors and other countries is more than necessary.

This reflection is aligned with the movement led by the ETHOS Institute, an important representation of the concept of Islands of Integrity through the ETHOS 360o Conference and the preparation of a National Integrity Plan that reinforces the best practices in interactions between the government, companies and civil society organizations, in light of the historical opportunity to create a cultural change towards integrity.

The investment in plans, programs and strategies for a socially responsible growth that gives credibility to organizations and institutions vis-à-vis society is part of the highest global governance standards. But it is the attitudes that ensure and strive for a comprehensive and genuine commitment to ethics.

This is also the mission of an independent board within the context of organizations: to bring trends and new reflections with the critical distance needed to promote a new strategic vision based on sustainable development. And the Global Council at Odebrecht, whose members come from different countries, with a distinguished track record in the field of integrity and good governance in civil society organizations, academia and the private sector, is an initiative that underscores the Odebrecht Group’s proposition to operate with ethics, integrity and transparency in order to regain the society’s trust.

Sérgio Foguel, member of the Board of Directors of Odebrecht S.A., coordinator of its Compliance Committee and Chairman of the Global Advisory Council. From 1977 to 2001, he served as Senior Vice-President of Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning & People at Odebrecht S.A.